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Based in Curaçao, Hospitality Management Services (HMS) is A boutique consultancy firm dedicated to helping businesses expand and optimize their operations both locally and internationally. HMS specializes in export coaching, hospitality coaching & training, business development, project management, asset management, turnaround management, market intelligence and technology in the hospitality industry.
Our core business is to curate and provide creative, innovative, sustainable and practical solutions for a diversity of assets in hospitality, including but not limited to hotels, restaurants, casinos, as well as multipurpose establishments such as convention centers and entertainment facilities. Our business is to help you build yours!

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Concept Design
Guidance & advice from idea to execution of a product, project, or system.
Project Management
Managing projects that are completed on time, within budget, and with the desired quality and outcomes.
Export Coaching
Guidance and support to organizations looking to engage in or expand their international trade activities.
Content Development
Great content has the power to transform the world
Making your brand stand out and compete
Marketing Material
We combine effective strategy & user experience
Business Development
Creating and implementing strategies to help a company grow, expand, and improve its overall performance and profitability.
Market Intelligence
Providing businesses with valuable insights that can inform strategic decisions, improve competitiveness, and drive growth.
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